Art in shape

Dedication and passion for art and surf is the essence of Ding Disaster.

Tiago “Ninja”, who developed the brand, is a surfer and an artist. In the sea between the waves, he finds the inspiration to create surboards that he turns in real pieces of art in his own studio.

From very young age, he established a taste for the art of wood carving, drawing and painting. At the same time, the surf and the skate were also his hobbies. Surfer since 1992, Tiago started making minor repairs among friends since 1995. The results and feedback encouraged him to continue improving his art and pursuing his passion.

Currently, he’s dedicated entirely to this project, which focuses on the construction of boards according to the profile of the surfer, customising the boards with customer-defined drawings and do his free-hand paintings, giving to the board a unique and artistic look.

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